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Re-watching Firefly
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Welcome to bigdamn_rewatch, a Firefly rewatching community!!
2009 schedule | 2010 schedule

What happens?
Each episode will kick off with a mod-post containing random prompts. These prompts are just a guide, you aren't limited to the prompts.

Then what happens?
Members are welcome to post recaps, fanfics, graphics, fanvids, discussion, picspams, meta, fanmixes, character analysis, or any other fan-related goodies. The posts should be loosely related to the episode or prompts, but we plan on being pretty liberal.

Got any rules?
We really only have one basic rule -- and that is that when posting, commenting or otherwise participating, please be shiny. That generally means to stay respectful of each other, remember that LJ-cuts are your friends, and ratings for explicit material are appreciated. See, that wasn't so hard. ;)

Anything else?
We will have several FREE-FOR-ALL weeks in which we'll take a break from episode related fun and have general Firefly fun. We will also wrap the whole big damn rewatch up with shiny banners for folks and other random flailing things.

Screencap resources
Swannee's Firefly Gallery | Leave Me The White | pretty as a PICTURE
Other resources
Wikipedia | Episode Transcripts

This community was originally inspired by redial_the_gate. Our original format was loosely based on things over there, but we've kinda warped it beyond recognition at this point. All confusion in what we're doing here is totally the fault of colls. Any questions, just ask her!

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